Tiny Things by You!

Create your own tiny masterpieces!

Tiny Things by Bowen comes to you and provides everything you need for a wonderful art party experience. You and your guests will craft two tiny projects each. It's a perfect fit for birthday parties, scout or school groups, ladies' night out, company parties, or just for funzies!


How does it work?

Tiny Things by Bowen comes to you, providing all supplies and instruction! You simply invite your guests, provide a space to work, and get started creating! Each crafter will create two Tinies items of their own. Hosts are welcome to work with Sarah to create a theme or specific tutorial to fit their needs. No matter what you make, after a brief stint in the toaster oven, each item is finished and ready to go home. Your guests leave with a gift bag containing their own projects...and maybe a new addiction to the wonderful world of polymer clay!



  • $180 for up to ten participants, $10 per additional crafter up to 25 total (ages 5 and up)

  • $40 assistant charge for groups larger than 15

  • 1 hour craft session for completing TWO polymer clay projects

  • Please allow 10 minutes before and 30 after for set up/take down

  • Crafts are finished and ready to go home in gift bags at the end of the party

  • Parents are invited to craft with us! Basic party fee includes two adults

  • A gas fee will be added for parties more than 20 miles from downtown Tulsa

             Please don't hesitate to ask about your unique party situation!

Birthday party perk: Birthday guest of honor may choose from a collection of Tiny Things by Bowen's own polymer clay magnets to take one home for themselves!

Party space must have enough seating for each artist. Table coverings are provided upon request. Additional 6ft tables may be brought in free of charge.

Three feet of additional counter or table space is required for the tiny toaster oven, and to finish the products. Preferably this space is separate from the childrens' crafting area, as they are not allowed to touch. No more room? No problem, Tiny Things by Bowen can provide the additional table, just let us know

Even if parents choose not to craft, please plan to stay with the party. We will have our hands full with clay and questions so disciplinary issues are referred to party adults.

Please inquire about special rates for scout troops and schools and other groups-include approximate number of participants.