What projects will you choose?

Most parties allow one hour for crafting TWO projects of your choice!
Chat with us if you would like to develop a specific theme or tutorial for your party.



The functionality of a strong personalized magnet attracts many of our adult creators as well as some of the kids. Create a design as simple or as intricate as you desire. Finished with a neodymium rare earth magnet that will hold just about anything to your fridge!


A favorite of the young bookworms, each individualized bookmark invites you to get back to reading in artsy style. Simply add a paper clip to the back of your design and there you go! A bookmark!



Using the colors provided, each polymer clay artist will create a small item to be turned into a charm, and then optionally a hemp-rope necklace.


Using the clay given, some people choose to create a tiny thing for their shelf or desk. You'd be surprised how many things you could make with just two colors!


After you have created your tiny item, we add an eye pin and later a black ribbon to hang from the tree. Whether it's holiday themed or not, it's a great way to display your masterpiece!

Hair Clips

Choose between silver, gold, or bronze bobby pins. Then create your own pair of usable art! It's by far the easiest way to show off your creations to friends!


Because of the delicate nature of this project, if chosen, it will be the only craft of the hour. Each crafter chooses a pair of sunglasses to embellish with tiny things of their own creation! Can't wait to see how you decorate your shades! (This craft is for ages 10 and up)